Date :         April 8th, 2015
Subject:     M.O.P. 2828 and Easy Capital Global scam
post:          Chong Jun Siong 
target:        Alvin  Heng Swee Boon (Alvin)
DOB:          30 Jun 1988
ID:              880630015345

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Alvin  Heng Swee Boon


  • This email is not to complain but I hope we can start an action together to claim our money back. 
  • I had consulted a lawyer and found that we can report these scam issues to ASIC and police department. 
  • I am highly recommending to report to ASIC because after ASIC investigated the reported company, the outcome would be punitive, protective, preservative, corrective, negotiated resolution and there will be compensation depending on the investigated results. In addition, clients should also report to Malaysia Police Department to keep a record.
  • I have attached some sample of report which my friends and I had done early. 
  • By the way, I also attached some information in this email and I think it would be helpful to your report
  • I hope all of you can stop waiting for Alvin’s answer and start reporting in ASIC and police department. 
  • Please collect more evidence to prove you are one of the scam victims. Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.