I first came across Aureas Capital when researching the Maxim Trader scam. Below is a nice little snap from Instagram of one of the main Maxim promoters doing some cross promotion for the boss Lim Kok Chean.

In essence it appears that they were looking to ‘repackage’ the ‘revolutionary’ e-share platform which the Maxim scammers used to transfer the worthless ponzi contracts to even more worthless shares in Royal Group Holdings via Amazon Gold.


Aureas wasn’t on the radar at all. Until I stumbled across this letter from ASX Listed Citigold. I’d already connected the Maxim scammers to Citigold with the off market acquisition of SGX listed Lion Gold 13% interest in Citigold via RGF Land Sdn Bhd - a Malaysia Entity that sits under the Lim Kok controlled group umbrella of RMC Mining Sdn Bhd. (Read more about RMC Mining by clicking this link).

Aureas Capital Australia Pty Ltd

Google Search: "Aureas Capital"

Domain & IP Address

IP Geolocation

Its interesting that aureus-capital.com


The above image is of part of the header slideshow on the Aureas home page.

Anchor Resources
What’s kinda interesting is while the slogan states “Aureas: the gateway to Australia’s Mining Resource", the image is actually of the Lubik Mandi Gold Mine in Malaysia owned by SGX listed Anchor Resources.
http://www.angkaalam.com/. The below image from Anchor’s website;

GBM Resources Limited

Website goes offline

Sometime mid to late January 2017, the www.aureas-capital.com website was taken offline. The following Zip file is a complete copy of the website. It is also archived on the waybackmachine.


Offshore Incorporators using same address;

OIL, a Vistra Group Company, is the leader in international incorporations and corporate services with a successful track record spanning almost 30 years.

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